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John P.
John P.
Alfords Point, NSW

My wife and I are looking at a house & land package as an investment option. Which areas should we be looking at... Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne or Adelaide?

8 years ago


There are house and land packages in several areas in Sydney and interstate. A good starting point would be to determine whether you want to invest in Sydney or interstate. If you already have investments in Sydney it might be a good idea to take advantage of land tax exemptions you may be eligible for interstate. Also look at the areas with the h&l packages and which have the most potential for capital growth.

There are good areas to invest in virtually all of the regions you mentioned. I would recommend reading some of Michael Matusik's articles. He reports on prime investment regions and often backs up his opinions with chars and statistics. Well worth the read. Typically, Adelaide has a very slow and steady growth pattern. Brisbane is expected to do well with house and land, and from my experience all of these areas are patchy, so it will pay to do you homework and suss out the best pockets.

Hi John, on occasion I've stepped in to assist clients with these exact questions and the answer is always the same. It comes down to what you are looking for? Ie High Growth, strong rental market, future owner occupied, price range etc

The safer options for house and land are generally the one's where they are in reasonably established area's rather than 100% new area's as there is pricing/rental history to judge performance on.

That being said there's some developers out there who pay some pretty hefty referral commissions on house and land package's. So if you decide where and what you want to buy I'm happy to 'refer' you on and do a split on any potential commissions.

Cheers Ariel 0433 132 331

Hi John,
Understanding your goal from this first property is key to the deciding where to buy, if you want to build for your retirement you will possibly get better percentage growth over the next 15 years in the greater Brisbane area. If you are interested in accumulating 3 to 4 properties over the next 5 years, understanding your tax position and the best structure to achieve that is crucial to buying the most appropriate first property.
I'm in Melbourne and investment firms such as safeas3houses.com or thesuccessfulinvestor.com.au have some great free information
Good luck


Obviously, your budget will dictate where you buy.

In my view I would be searching for affordable options in the greater Sydney metropolitan area and parts of the Central Coast. Because of NSW's poor planning regime there is a continual supply issue for new housing - that headache for developers creates a win for investors.

I personally wouldn't invest in outlying areas of Melbourne and anything west of Brisbane.

In short, depending on your budget I would stay as close to Sydney as I could right now.

All the best,

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