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Hamish P.
Hamish P.

I'm wanting to invest in shares, where and when should I invest? Is right now the best time to invest or is there a smarter time?

4 years ago


Hi Hamish

It is a difficult question to provide specific advice especially as I am not qualified to do so. I will, however provide some insights from a personal perspective

I am not sure whether there is a right or wrong time to enter the market as it depends on your objectives and appetitive for risk in terms of your investment. Some may say the market is down while others might create a picture of the market being full of opportunities.

The key is to find a trusted adviser by asking a lot of questions. You want someone who doesn’t just see you as a short term opportunity and wants to build a long-term relationship – asking questions will help you identify the traits of someone you want to work with.

Best wishes


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