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Which lenders are still accepting foreign investor loans and what are the criteria or conditions?

8 years ago


John. Good evening. Given you operate in the Broking industry, you will be aware that the clamp on foreign investment is getting near impossible.
I got one away with Latrobe recently. Not a prime rate and it was a Commercial property.
I suggest you have a chat with them
Ken Olds


Thanks Ken, I am aware that Citibank, Westpac & St George will still consider AUstralian Income in AUD. There must be other options within the commercial finance sector and private funding avenues. NFC Commercial is one example provided the applicant is an Australian Company. There must be more.

Hi John - HSBC is still accepting non resident and overseas income on a case by case basis. There are some restrictions on LVR and no interest rate discounts. Please email me emily.faith.robertson@hsbc.com.au for more information and I will be happy to assist and provide feedback on particular examples if you like

I'd like an update on this as well, because I've found that the borrower needs to have income taxed in Australia.
My client is a foreign commercial pilot with an Aust PR visa, but his income is from an external country.

Hi John

there are several Private lenders around that will do these providing that there is a registered Australlian Company as the borrower. They do not need to show income in this company as it is a pure asset lend. LVR's will usually max at 70%. Rates are typical private lending rates averaging 12-14% p/a.

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