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Michelle  S.
Michelle S.
Sydney, NSW

I'm about to buy a home, how much should I allow for conveyancing? Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

8 years ago

From about $1200 for a conveyancer and $2000 for a solicitor - other fees include building and pest or strata inspection, building and contents insurance, personal insurances - income - trauma - death - mortgage.


$1500 but I know conveyancers that can do it for $900 contact me if you want a number

Hi Michelle,
Standard conveyancing allow between $1,500 - $2,000. There could be other statutory charges like discharge & registering of mortgages allow up to $500 for this and check with the OSR in the state you are purchasing for stamp duty liabilities.
There could also be LMI & application fees if you are borrowing to purchase.

All the very best.

Michelle. Hi, When assisting my clients prepare a budget for their purchase I normally allow $1,600 for Conveyancing. Within this amount there is normally enough to cover your Pest & Building Report or Strata Management Audit.
If the property has substantial value or other unique features it may be necessary to move your budget toward the $2000 mark.
A Conveyancer can often be cheaper than a Solicitor, so it is worthwhile shopping around.
If you would like any information on mortgage options then please give me a call
Best Regards
1300 ASK KEN

Hi Michelle,

I see prices from $1200 for a conveyer and I would allow $495 for building and pest for a 4 bedroom house or $420 for a strata inspection. Other fees to be aware include :- Rates - Water - Electricity (or part there of), Insurance (building and contents, removalists, cleaner (old and new) ..

Conveyancing can generally range from $600 - $1600. Cheaper is often not the best option if you want the on done right the first time and on time. However, dearer does not mean better value or service either. There are some really good Conveyancers and online options are also becoming more popular. Depending on your LVR you will need to consider LMI over 80%, stamp duty, solicitors fees on the mortgage, establishment fee, settlement fee, valuation, and any package fees or loan split fees. Your real estate agent will present any other specified fees such as rates, pest inspection, search fees etc. Some of these fees can be minimised and/or eliminated.

Happy to hep more if you need, or have further questions.

John Maxwell

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