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Ben H.
Ben H.

Who has the most competitive home loan rate in Australia currently??

8 years ago


Ben. Good morning. The best variable rate that I could offer you right now is 3.54% for an owner occupied loan at Bank of Sydney.
As the old saying goes however "conditions do apply".
If you would like to check your eligibility / suitability for this loan, then please call me directly.
1300 ASK KEN

Hi Ben, with the cash rate being at a historical low at 1.5%, there are some great opportunities available for borrowers to take advantage of the low rate cycle and start paying off their loans.

There are a number of home loan providers offering rates as low as 3.50% - 3.70%, however, it is as equally important to understand the comparison rate on each of the loans.

The comparison rate is the real rate when all the fees (including annual fees) and charges over the life of the loan are calculated and advertised. You might see a rate at 3.49% with a comparison rate of 3.94% whereas other lenders might have a rate at 3.64% and the comparison rate is 3.65%.

Always check the comparison rate and make sure the features and flexibility of the loan are suited to your needs.

I hope this helps


As a Mortgage Msnager we can offer a home loan at 3.62% (comparison rate 3.67%) with a 100% Offset Account - BUT more importantly there is NO annual or monthly fees. And you get your own contact person to help you through the application process and onwards after settlement. Please contact me if you would like to know more. Kind regards Peter Ritchie.

Not a simple answer - many people have the right "data" to get <4% loans but many cannot - so best to see a broker with all your financials and goals to see what options you have

Currently I am able to access rates as low as 3.58% with a premium bank!

John Maxwell

Hi Ben - The lowest rate at HSBC is currently 3.55% p.a. vari for owner occupied, Australian resident. Comparison rate is 3.57% p.a. No annual feel or ongoing fees. This is quite a competitive rate in the market. If you would like more detail on this campaign please email me at emily.faith.robertson@hsbc.com.au or call 0466571178

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