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Cameron  F.
Cameron F.
Greenwich, NSW

I am a sole trader who's credit rating doesn't clear until the 2/11/17. I have a proven track record of payments of up to $451.61p/w and I need a work vehicle as soon as possible. Any potential lender available that may consider my case? Thank you.

6 years ago

As a broker here is an overview of borrowers that should have a discussion : Pay out Bankruptcies , Insolvencies or Liquidations, Cash out for new or existing business, Vacant land (clients have defaults ), Incomplete construction (land value only) unless 90%complete, ABNs less than 1 Month, Unlimited mortgage arrears considered even at eviction stage (clients must be able to service debt), Unlimited credit defaults considered - paid or unpaid, One day employment or new businesses, Cash out for business (verification needed), Vacant land with defaults (no development land), Incomplete construction (land value only).


Hi Cameron - it's harder to secure an approval with a credit black mark, but there are always options. Getting a full application together, highlighting the issues and what you've done to rectify them, as well as highlighting the business opportunity are all critical components. That's what brokers are for - to help present your application in the best light and give you feedback on your best options.
Hope that helps - a good broker will give you the best chance of an approval.
James Coates

Hi Cameron, potentially yes as its secured. Happy to discuss, Regards Ariel 0433132331

Hi Cameron

Of course it varies based on specific information but from what you've said so far I have relationships with a couple of potential lenders. Get in touch and we can chat further.

Kind regards


Hi Cameron

Great question – I’d suggest you make a request for one the independent finance brokers on the Eccho platform to make contact with you. A finance broker has access to a variety of different lenders who may look at your situation favourably and as the finance broker can do the shopping around for you it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

A word of warning though, make sure the finance broker does their research and provides you with a couple of options, recommended products and lenders before you sign a credit check consent form. Given your question the last thing you need is to have unnecessary credit checks on your credit file by 3 or 4 different lenders.

If you are unable to find an appropriate finance broker you can always contact a business like Moody Kiddell who specialise in equipment and leasing finance.

I hope this helps, best of luck


Hi Cameron,
Just checking in to see if you were helped?
Perhaps one option for your future might be to look at MyCRA Lawyers removing yout bad credit?
Call me on 1300667218 for a chat to discover your options open to you today.
Good luck mate

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