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How can I find a suitable financial planner?

6 years ago


Hi Sara. What type of financial advice are you seeking?


Mostly about super and planning for the future - and evaluating self managed super as an option

I am an adviser with a private firm so I would be happy to have a complimentary chat with you.

To choose any professional it should be about who you feel you have a good relationship with and can trust. You shouls feel confident that they have your best interests always.

An important piece is knowing the professional has the expertise and resources to deliver. A lot of the time people will provide a transactional service but you should look for one that focuses on excellent customer service with a long term focus. Someone that focuses on strategy tailored to a client rather than a product, someone who is a clear communicator and also someone that enjoys what they do.

Often referral is the best way but there are a few websites of associations you can look at. For more info let me know.

Hope that helps.

Make sure your chosen planner is suitably qualified.

We offer complimentary, no obligations consultations for financial planning.

Kind regards
Jennifer Bachir

Hi Sara,

A good financial adviser is someone who will understand your financial goals & objectives and create a tailored plan to achieve them.

Ask the adviser about their typical clients. This will help you judge whether they have the experience to deal with people with similar issues and goals to you. For example, are the adviser's other clients planning for retirement or are they young families wanting to save for their children's education?

The amount of experience an adviser has is also relevant. For example, an adviser that has recently graduated may be highly qualified; however, they may not be as experienced as an older adviser with fewer qualifications.

It seems that you are interested in superannuation and SMSF advice so you also want to ensure that the Planner is accredited to give this type of Advice. The initial meeting with an Adviser should allow you to determine if you get along with them and they understand your needs and is usually complimentary so won't cost you anything out of pocket.

If you are interested in having a further chat about your options, please contact me for a complimentary discussion.

Kind regards,

Ronald Pratap
Principal Financial Adviser
RP Wealth Management
T: 0434 502 079
E: ronald.pratap@rpwealthmanagement.com.au
W: www.rpwealthmanagement.com.au

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