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Paul M.
Paul M.
Quakers Hill, NSW

There are some great questions here.
Problem is I can't seem to be able to read some of the responses. I also have some queries about smsf as I have just established mine.
Any feedback?

5 years ago


Hi Paul, if you click on the body of the question the screen will open up with the answers.

We look forward to your queries and hopefully providing the assistance you are looking for.

Best wishes


You have set up an SMSF with an accountant and adviser or by yourself?

What questions do you have?

Hi Paul,

So great to see the interest you have with Eccho!

If you have set up your SMSF and are looking for information regarding the loan side of things I am more tha happy to answer any questions you have. If it is to do with anything else but the lending through your SMSF your accountant or financial planner will certainly be able to help you.

Hope to see you around here more!
Nicole :)

5 years ago

hi Nicole
thanks for the feedback.
Yes there is a smsf loan query.
1.What percentage deposit is needed on an investment property when using the smsf ?

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