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Lynette J.
Lynette J.
Surrey Hills, VIC

URGENT! It seems Section 32's (legal paperwork for sale of property) don't include a copy of Title anymore? The only similar document which is included is a Planning Subdivision ducument. Is this usual now? Can anyone enlighten us please.

5 years ago


The best advice I could offer is to make contact with your conveyancer or solicitor especially in regards to the legal requirements for the sale of a property.

In speaking to a real estate agent this morning they reinforced the importance of having a copy of the contract, the title search and section 149 certificate reviewed by a qualified legal representative.

Best wishes

5 years ago

It seems we are in different States... Even though your profile showed you were close by. I was hoping for local knowledge. Thanks anyway.

I strongly suggest that you have the subject Section 32 reviewed by your Lawyer who can also complete a Title search.

Hi Lynette,

To my knowledge, a copy of the title needs to provided within the section 32. Per previous responses I would certainly recommend you seek the services of a Conveyancer or Solicitor

If you would like to order a copy of the title yourself, you can do by visiting https://www.landata.vic.gov.au. From memory this will cost you circa $20

All the best,

5 years ago

Thanks to all for their advice. Missed out at the Auction. Sold price was $200k above Agents top estimate. A number of disgruntled bidders.

I would believe the property you are purchasing isn't registered. So no title as yet.

Essentially it used to be part of a larger block.

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