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Anthony V.
Anthony V.
Quakers Hill, NSW

We have two young kids under four years of age, looking to set them up in later on in life. We have about $5k per child with annual inputs from family about $100p year. What's the best set for them shares, gov bonds, or other?

5 years ago


Great question Anthony and well done on planning ahead for your kids future

Eccho me is a community Q&A platform for finance professionals to provide guidance, support and answers to our members questions about finance, loans and credit.

As your question is in relation to investment, a finance professional would need to have the appropriate qualifications to answer. There may well be finance brokers who have the necessary qualifications, however it may take a sometime.

We can keep an eye out for you.


Hi Anthony.
I quizzed my financial planner and he quoted $1200 to prepare a Statement of Advice.
I'm certain that whatever you decide will be ok.
Most planners will advise you to diversify into different investment strategies so having some money in cash and some in shares is an even bet.
Getting professional advice costs so that is the best path to follow.

This is such an pertinent question these days. Whether it be saving for the kids school/university fees, deposit for the kids first property or even just as a gift.

There are many options you can look at but at this stage you have a lot of unknowns that you need to think about before even looking at a product for example uderstanding what is the purpose for these funds or what is your investment timeframe are?

Once you have a clear idea on all the important questions the last step of finding a suitable product will come very easily.

Happy to explore this in more detail with you. Please contact me to discuss further but in a nutshell I would encourage you to seek a professionals assistance for such an important matter as this as there are a lot of risks when investing.


Hi Anthony,

Did you make a comment as there is nothing written in the box?

Hi Anthony,

I'll start off by advising that I am a licensed financial adviser as well as broker and look at your exact scenario for clients regularly.

You question isn't easy to answer without actually discussing both your requirements / goals as well as what the purpose of the money for the kids is for. There are a number of investment mediums (shares, managed funds / managed accounts / tax effective bonds etc) which could be applicable depending on your overall requirements. We would need to establish the investment timeframe, your acceptance of risk (which can help to establish the investment type), ownership etc. to work out the best options.

So in short not an easy question to answer without looking at the whole picture and then any recommendations need to be made via a statement of advice.

Whilst I'm in Perth I work with clients all around Australia so more then happy for you to call me to have an initial chat.

Hope this helped a little bit.


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