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Stewart M.
Stewart M.
Balmain, NSW

How are the proposed negative gearing legislation changes likely to impact on existing and new investment properties?

5 years ago


Hi Stewart. From what little I've heard, I understand that the existing arrangements are to be grandfathered.
The possible new arrangement will mean that negative gearing will later apply to only brand new properties.
I guess it will all depend on who is in government.

Hi Stewart

It's a good question but until the Government releases or declares their position on negative gearing it makes it difficult to offer an informed opinion

So far we have only heard the oppositions policy changes.

One thing for certain though is that if changes are to be proposed there will be plenty to discuss and think about

Best wishes

Allow the political positioning to run its course and in association with your broker make a call then .

however if you are keen to saddle up and go again, do not delay .

seen things like this over the last 4 decades pop up that spook people and what eventuates is very much diluted .

happy to discuss

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