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Michael M.
Michael M.
Barden Ridge, NSW

When selling a house what are the costs involved besides real estate and legal?

6 years ago


Hi Michael, you'll have fees for an agent to sell the home and they may also charge marketing fees and a legal fee for a solicitor/conveyancer to prepare contracts as you have pointed out. Other fees you may incur would be "break fees" on your home loan if it is affixed rate loan, discharge fees on your variable home loan (say up to $500) could differ if your loan is with a mortgage manager. There are also government fees to de register a mortgage if there is one $107. And don't forget your moving costs! Good luck with the sale :)

Don't forget about making sure all your utilities are up to date - rates, water, strata. Otherwise they will come out of your settlement amount.

Costs... I assuming this in not an investment house.

Marketing subsidy if you advertise the sale, Mental Health because it will drive you nuts, removals company to shift your stuff,


Costs of selling include the following three categories:

-real estate agent costs
-lender fees
-other selling costs

For more details of costs within these categories, visit my website, I have a selling cost calculator which is very user friendly:


Hope that helps.

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