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Can you give me an idea of what you think interest rates will do over the next 12 months or so and do you think is a good time to fix?

5 years ago


Hi John,

I have read recently some economists are generally saying that not much rate activity to occur in 2016 and not at least until towards the end of this year. However as we saw last year the banks changed rates (due to changes made by APRA) outside any RBA meeting so please keep that in mind.

Fixed rates are very competitive and low at the present time and it all depends on what your goals are to determine when is the time to fix.

If you want to pay down the loan then perhaps fixing not the best for you but if you simply want peace of mind the repayments are not going to change then fixing is your thing. (And sometimes a little bit of A and a little bit of B!)

Every situation is different and am more than happy to go through your situation to determine the best solutions for you.

Hope this helps.
Nicole :)

Hi John

I am not one to comment on the future of interest rates as I am not an economist however the question of whether to fix or not entirely depends on your current and future needs.

I would strongly recommend you speak with your broker ( or me) to determine a suitable course of action
A Broker will consider factors such as , your current family situation, you short term goals, future purchases (eg: car) as all of these things can affect your home loan and future lending needs
They will also run through the pros and cons of fixing.

Hope this helps

We feel that the property interest rate cycle is bottoming out.
As a result we are advising many clients based on their personal circumstances to fix a portion of their home loan.

I hope this helps.

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