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Jack M.
Jack M.
Darling Point, NSW

I have just finished university and have come up with some business ideas in which I would like to pursue. The issue is that I have minimal finances in order to get the project off the ground. What are some of my options?

5 years ago

hi jack i started my first business with $200. i recommend start small so u can make mistakes that dont discourage but teach you how to do it better. it helps you create background for when you are ready to jump into a business loan.


Hi Jack – congrats on finishing University

If you’re requiring funding to help get your projects off the ground then I’d suggest you have 2 options

1. Look for some angel investors, such and family and friend, who are prepared to back you and your business idea
2. Apply for a small personal loan or credit card

Many businesses have used credit cards to kick start their business however you will need to be able to satisfy the lenders credit criteria which will include employment, income and the ability to meet the repayments.

Dream big Jack

Hi Jack,
Great work on finishing university I bet you are pretty proud of that achievement.
Looks like you are keen to get started too.
In regards to finances there a couple of options that you can explore.
1) Naturally one of the best & easiest options is family investors. Family usually like to get in on something & would more than likely be wanting to see you achieve your dreams. Who knows where that could lead to.
2) A JV (joint venture) with some likeminded investors. Might be good to join some of the networking groups who have weekly breakfast meet ups. They would be good places to start to get some contacts
3) Perhaps a small business loan or credit card. You will need to make sure that if you do approach a lender for business finance that you have a sound business plan & ideas on investment return etc.
Best of luck Jack.

5 years ago

You can checkout incubators or startup accelerators in Sydney: 25fifteen, ATP innovations, BlueChilli, Fishburners, the founder institute, Incubate, muru-D, Pollenizer, Slingshot, Springboard and perhaps more...

Test to see if there is sustainable demand for your business first. If you can show there is demand, money will find you.

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