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riley b.
riley b.
Bethanga, VIC

How should I approach future investments?
i am planning my future, and i wish to go to university in the summer of 2020. if i can save up enough money in my first 2 years i am wondering whether i should invest that money into a real estate property that i will live in, or just invest into stocks and build a larger deposit to invest later in life.

the property i am interested in is a student residence, that i could mortgage for roughly $130/week and rent for $1250 month. which i could rent out while i still live with family. after uni the property would act as an investment property while i save for a larger investment property.

3 years ago


Hi Riley,

If going down the property route, long term returns are going to be generated by growth in the property value, not by the rent you earn. So you should really be looking for the best property you can afford with the best growth prospects. As you will be using debt to fund the purchase, if you get it right it will really set you up.

Ideally your first property will grow to such an extent that between paying down the loan & growth on the property itself this will get you into something larger - think of it as stepping stones.

Hope this helps.


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