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Syed I.
Syed I.
Sydney South, NSW

I am thinking of starting a import export business. I like to know 1. the process & requirement to strat that business? 2. Customs & banking procedures. 3. Insurances & freight 4. How to deal with buyer & will they pay for the product before i supply?

3 years ago


Step 1: find a Chartered Accountant
Step2: call him and ask for an appointment
Step 3: ask him about all the stuff you have thought of
Step 4: ask him about the stuff you haven't thought of.(there will be stuff you haven't thought of)
Step 5: expect to pay for the advice

The process of starting the business depends on a thousand factors that are specific to YOU and YOUR situation. Sole Trader, company, partnership, discretionary trust, unit trust.......lots to cover here

hopefully you can find someone to advise you who has experience in the industry....and clients who can vouch for his expertise

Hopefully you can forge a relationship with someone who can assist you in starting and running and GROWING your business.......and then also assist you in managing things, and advise you on what to do with all your wealth that you have accumulated in your business.......

and someone like that is not likely to be cheap.....but they will be absolutely worth the expense......

good luck

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