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Kraig D.
Kraig D.
Port Sorell, TAS

Hi. I have just received confirmation that a tpd claim has been accepted after many years. From my accident in 2015 to now I have continued paying premiums. Does the payout figure be the 2015 amount of the 2019 that is some $40 k higher

3 years ago


Hi Linda, sorry mate but your question doesnt make much sense?? Could you try to reword it a bit????


Hi Linda,

You will be paid out the amount you were entitled to back in 2015, so it will be the lower amount. However, you should also be refunded the premiums you have paid on the TPD insurance from 2015 through until now.

Make sure you tread carefully on how you choose to receive the TPD payment. If it's held via a superannuation fund you will have a number of different options, each with different tax implications. Please seek some appropriate advice.

Hope this helps.

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