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Leo M.
Leo M.
Doncaster, VIC

I am a self-funded retiree with a share portfolio of $300,000 with a high proportion of bank shares. I feel as though they will continue to be strong but would like to ask if others think the same?

last year


Hi Leo,

My feeling is the bank shares will be strong, and return to higher values once the Royal Commission is finalised and the recommendations implemented. Good dividend returns will remain.

Gut feel, don’t have the qualifications or research to back it up.


I agree with Todd, and I too am not qualified to make a judgement.
I think that a ‘worst case’ scenario has been priced in already and selling would just be capitalising losses and missing out on the high dividend yield available.
Get professional advice before making these sort of decisions
Best of luck

G'Day Leo.

hate to get all political, but how do you feel about losing 30% of the cream out of your dividends when that idiot Bill Shorten gets in???

My point is, it really doesnt matter how well your shares perform if you all of a sudden lose the tax concessions you currently enjoy.

What do you reckon the share market is going to do when 1 million self-funded retirees decide that the share market isnt such a great investment after all, and collectively take their $250 BILLION dollars which is currently invested in direct shares and put it all somewhere else???

I dont know, and I am guessing there are a LOT of other people who dont know either.

For my money, I am thinking that shares are looking very shakey until people get some certainty on what is going to happen when big-hearted Bill gets the keys to The Lodge.

You problem may be that getting advice from someone is going to be difficult when that someone may be motivated to have you invested in the products and investments that provide him/her the best commission (Banking Royal Commission )........so what you need more than anything I suspect is someone who is going to give you advice based on YOUR BEST INTERESTS.......which means you will pay for it, up front, and you should be happy to do this, because this is the only way you ensure that the advice is not going to be biased.

There are actually lots of advisers out there who provide this type of service, and they are HIGHLY ETHICAL and take great pride in helping their clients. Find yourself someone like that, and listen to what they have to say

good luck

Given the aggressive projected home loan interest rate rises it looks to be so.

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