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Adam G.
Adam G.
Geelong, VIC

Our business has been operating for 6 years and there are 3 partners. Individually we have income protection and other business insurances however one of the partners is unfortunately going through a tough time mentally and we are trying to establish if a mental illness is normally covered through income protection?

Any help would be great, thanks

4 years ago


Hi Adam,

Quick answer to your question is yes, mental health is covered via income protection and is one of the most common claims.

This is assuming that there was no exclusions for mental health applied to your biz partners policy when he took this out (ie had suffered from mental health prior to applying for the cover).

Did you/your biz partner apply for this cover via an adviser?

If so, I would suggest getting in contact with them (if you all did the policies with the same person, ie there is a relationship there with you as well) or suggesting your biz partner or their family get in touch with the adviser. They should help guide him through any claim and make this as easy as possible.

If there is no adviser involved, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist where I can.


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