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Isabel G.
Isabel G.
Lilli Pilli, NSW

Hi, we have put an offer on a new home and concerned the agent hasn’t passed it through to the owner. Is it ok for us to submit the offer directly to the owner … put in their letterbox?

4 years ago


It is my understanding that the agent is legally obliged to pass on EVERY offer within the price range they have told you. No exceptions.

So unless you have submitted a lowball offer in the hope that you get the vendor at a weak moment I rather suspect that the vendor has this and is holding out.

Standard practice is to turn up at the next open house, stay until everyone leaves, and tell the agent that your offer has gone down by $5k. After all, its not really a sellers market right now:)

Ooooorrr.......submit a higher offer.......maybe you are not that far off getting into some serious negotiations

oooooorrrrrr...........talk to the agent. tell him you are serious about the house and ask them how far from the money the offer actually is.....the agent is not on your team, but he/she DOES have to communicate with you.....if he/she can see you are serious, he/she will work to get you close to an offer that the vendor WILL accept......because thats how he/she gets paid:)

good luck

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