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Katie S.
Katie S.
Scarborough, WA

Legal question in regards to curfew. Family member has had a curfew in place for past several months. Lately there have been several times where they have had more than one visit per night from the police. Is this something that is normal?

Person concerned is applying for bail changes in coming days as they are going to attend a detox/rehab. Conflicting information on whether the bail changes are to be an address change or if a complete removal of curfew is necessary? Thank you

4 years ago


This is a question for a lawyer in Western Australia familiar with the relevant criminal law rules. I would expect that the family member has their own lawyer given they have ongoing matters. You should direct your enquiry to them because they will know what’s been discussed with the police and/or the courts. Failing which you may be able to get assistance from a community legal service but the questions are fairly specific to the individual circumstances of your family member.

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