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Hello there!

I am 19 years old and looking to buy 2x 40 ft shipping containers and converting them into a home nicely set up, I've done the research and the profit can be there with the right planning and budget, but I am currently not earning enough to save $20,000 in the next year due to rent and other day to day expenses also I cant get a loan with any banks as a parking ticket was being sent to the wrong adress and I didn't know about it for over a month! Which affected my credit score quite badly. So my question is does anyone know where I can find private investors or something along that line to help with the costs of my project I have seen a financial advisor and have professionally drawn up plans that suggest a $25,000 profit in 2 months work! Thankyou really need advice.

4 years ago


Hi Jackson,
I am guessing you already have the land upon which you are going to build the Shipping container house? I have seen some container homes and some look great, and some look like...well...a couple of shipping containers welded together. SO not knowing your budget I cant say how you plan on pulling this off for $20k, but Lets assume you have got your sums right, and you have the market picked too, because a plan that says $25k profit is no good to you when you cannot find a buyer and the bank is breathing down your neck:)

Go see a mortgage broker. There will definately be someone out there willing to lend you something. If not a bank or a building society, there are third tier lenders like Liberty who might take an interest. Then you have private equity style lenders like Archery Capital who lend for property.......

But remember that the further away from the big 4 banks you get, the higher the interest rate and the shorter the repayment terms, and the harder it gets to make the payments if you are on a tight budget. Which is where your budget needs to be 100% on the money, because it only takes a little boo boo to make life extremely uncomfortable.

Im sure there is a mortgage broker out there who can help you out:), but make sure you have ALL the information for them, and present it in a way that they can use to sell your project to a potential lender. And remember that you might end up with a "commercial" lending product rather than a "residential" lending product, which means you may have none of the rules and regulations that protect people from being punted out of their homes if things go south. Ask the broker to explain the difference in the rules so you know what you are signing up for......because not all loans are created equal!!!!

good luck


Thankyou so much for your advice! 😊

Hi Jackson,
just a quick question.
You said a parking ticket has affected your credit score. Have you checked your credit score recently to confirm that?
I wouldn't normally expect to see a parking ticket reflected on your credit rating, so it may be something else.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit rating every 12 months as a minimum.
You can use our free service at www.FreeCreditRating.com.au to send you all of the details of the fastest ways to get your free credit ratings if you like.

Good luck and please feel free to ask more questions

Warm regards

Graham Doessel

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