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Cameron G.
Cameron G.
Glebe, TAS

Where do I find a loan shark in Adelaide that will take a chance on me for a loan

4 years ago


loan shark would not be the best answer. lol. talking to a respected broker ould be your first option. cheers


Hi Cameron,
What I believe you are looking for is a specialist lender. Perhaps you could provide a brief of what you are looking for?
Feel free to to call on 0435.474.498

Hi Cameron.......when you say "loan shark" and "take a chance on me" you are painting a picture that might frighten off many traditional lenders.......but perhaps a mortgage broker can find a second or third tier lender willing to help you out.....but remember the further away you get from the big four loan sharks (hehe) the higher the interest rate is likely to be.
And the last choice may well be a private equity lender but as a rule they really drive the knife in on interest rates.......and my advice to most people at that point has been if you cant get it anywhere else it means that there is a serious problem in what you want to acheive.........and a private equity lender is not going to solve the problems for you

best of luck

Hi Cameron,
I'm sorry to hear you feel only a "Loan Shark" would 'take a chance on you'.
If it's okay with you, I'd like to try and learn a little more about your situation to guide you towards better options.

You can choose to answer my questions here to help others in a similar situation to yours, or you might like to call me on 1300 667 218 for a confidential (no charge) chat.

1. why do you believe you need a loan shark?
2. do you know if you have any bad credit?
3. if yes, do you know what's on your credit rating?
4. do you have a copy of your credit files?
(if not, we can help you get a copy of them for free.)

Cameron, we're here to help you like we've helped so many people just like you get their lives back on track.

I look forward to our upcoming chat!


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