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Belinda A.
Belinda A.
Carina, QLD

Hi, 6 months ago I started as a BDM for a print solutions business and finding it really difficult to get to the managers who make the decisions.

Does anyone have a couple tips or ideas I could use, very frustrating?

11 months ago


Hi Belinda,

LinkedIn should be your go to.

Start putting out content so people can get to know you. Start connecting with the decision makers.

Best of luck.


Difficult to get their attention I am sure. If you can find out what motivates them perhaps you can get their attention that way: eg if the supply manager is spending all his time sweating on problem suppliers maybe you can find a common thread that you can work on together to establish a connection with this manager??? if you can help solve some small issue maybe he/she might be more tuned into what you have to say next time around????
good luck

Hi Belinda,
Totally agree with James. Provide lots of free information that gets the right people clicking on your posts.
The second aspect of LinkedIn is that when you have the correct person you can direct mail them.
If you are interested in reaching out, I have three LinkedIn gurus in my network and I also have a couple of great campaigns for using direct mail
Best of luck with everything


11 months ago

Brendan a lot of people have said a similar thing, I'm just finding it difficult to find that right person... maybe the linkedin idea will help. Thanks, guys for your help.


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