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Sharyn G.
Sharyn G.
Brunswick, VIC

My husband is 36 and been in the same role for 6 years earning $97,000. I’m 34 and have had same role for 3 years and income is $82,000. We don’t have kids, credit cards or any loans and have received an inheritance of $190,000. We currently pay $800 a week rent. We would like to ask how much we could borrow and what rate could we get, thanks?

8 months ago


Hi Sharyn,

Congratulations on looking at your first home purchase.

With both incomes and a deposit of that size you are looking at getting some top rates around the 3.6% mark.

If you would like to have an accurate estimate of loan amount and which lenders you could go with I would need you to send you a privacy and consent form and get a few more details from you.

I am in the office today and could get you some
figures by COB if you’d like to call me on 0431.156.001 I am also located in Vic so happy to come and meet face-to-face.

We offer a no-obligation free service, where we earn a commission from the lender you chose if you go ahead with a loan.


Hi Sharyn,

Happy to take a call at anytime to discuss if you like.


Hi Sharyn,

While you have given us a lot of your details, we are obliged to have a detailed discussion about your fianncial needs in order to determine your borrowing ability.

And these is not one answer to this question. Every lender has different lending criteria and calculates differently how miuch you can borrow.

If you would like to have a chat about your situation, please give me a call or email me. My contact details are below and we'll organise a time to get together to discuss things.


Michael Budge
Bayside Finance Group
M 0418 547337
E michael@baysidefinance.com.au

Hi Sharyn,

Whilst everything will be subject to verification and a full assessment, you would start by aiming to cover 20% plus costs using the $190,000. You haven’t mentioned your own savings or other assets but you could buy for approximately $750,000 on that basis. You can potentially borrow more than 80% as well, that would attract Lenders Mortgage Insurance.
Why not give Jacqui or Peter a call and catch up with them this week?
Best of luck with the search, very exciting to get out of the rent cycle

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