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Timo R.
Timo R.
Five Dock, NSW

Buying a commercial property to operate our business and need to borrow 60%. What are the best rates for a 3-5 year interest only term

6 years ago


Hi Timmo

A good broker will not quote rates, lender or products without firstly meeting with the client and taking into consideration your financial position. You may not qualify with the lender with the "Best" rates in the market for a number of reasons.

6 years ago

Understand Sam, just looking for a range of what would be considered competitive

If buying a commercial property for your own business,an SMSF structured purchase may be an option for you if you have enough super contributions in a retail fund to use.Speak to a specialist SMSF broker or financial planner.God article about this....


Great article!!! SMSF are a great vehicle to acquire property!!! Just remember a SMSF also brings with it a whole raft of OTHER issues and responsibilities.....such as life insurance/TPD insurance, compliance issues, fund management issues, liquidity management, etc etc etc.
So whilst a SMSF is a great tax management tool, they are NOT simply a means to get into the property market. They are a retirement funding tool, and property is just ONE of the things that need to be considered as part of your long term plan.
Make sure you get advice from people with plenty of experience in SMSF management, so that you dont find yourself overwhelmed by the compliance burden.

Hi Timo,

It would depend on different factors, ie location, size, type of business etc

Happy to get a few quotes for you. Feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

Umit Talarico
Premier Lending
0425 354 821

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