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Gus W.
Gus W.
Balgowlah, NSW

If I wanted to include derivates as part of an investment strategy what questions do I need to ask my financial planner to know they have the experience and skills?

2 years ago


Hi Gus,

Just ask them if they deal with derivatives, you'll probably find most don't (we don't). That type of thing is more likely to come from a stockbroker.

The licencing requirements for a Financial Adviser to offer such advice is very cumbersome so most wont do it. Stockbrokers can operate a little differently so you're more likely to have some luck there.

All the best.


Hi Gus,

Most Financial Adviser's would outsource this to an Investment team or use the services of a stockbroker as mentioned above.

The best thing to do as James mentioned is just ask them if they deal with Derivatives or what is their approach to this asset type.

Depending on your service package, they may charge more for this type of advice.

Hope this helps.

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