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Abby W.
Abby W.
Doncaster, VIC

Hi, I am 26 and have been with the same company for 5 years and my super is about $25,000. Is that enough to have a financial planner now or should I wait and just use the superfund through work?

last year


Hi Abby,

Never too soon to have a financial planner and make sure your super is working for you. Because they do so much more than just super!
But be wary - depending on the advice you are seeking, there are fees involved that can be quite high. Make contact and ask what they will be charging based on what you want to get out of the advice, so you don't get a rude shock.


Hi Abby,

Whilst having an interest in your superannuation at 26 is great, there is much, much, much more a financial adviser can and should be assisting you with if you engage their services at such a young age. If you go to see someone and all they are interested in is your superannuation fund, walk back out the door.

Yes, your superannuation arrangements need to be addressed but you wont be able to touch it for something like another 40 years. Your life will change immensely over this time, the financial adviser needs to work with you through those changes more than be concerned with charging you a fee on your superannuation.

I'd love to help but I know I wouldn't do you justice either. The guys at Experience Wealth have a business that caters solely for people like you. You should reach out to them.

All the best.


Hi Abby,
I would doubt that having a financial planner would add value to your super with that balance but as the other guys said, a planner can guide all of your wealth building and investment if it is right for you.
I would start by checking that the Super you are currently in has appropriate insurance for your age and your needs and charges less than 1% in total fees.
Best of luck with everything

last year

Thank you all for your help.

James is this the group http://www.experiencewealth.com.au/. I will make contact with them if it is. Thanks James




Yes, that’s them Abby.

Good luck. I’d be keen to hear your experience with them.

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