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Sam P.
Sam P.
Penrith, NSW

Looking for a new home loan and have spoken to Ubank and Loans.com.au. I really don’t want the hassle so can mortgage brokers match their rates…. 3.62%?

2 years ago


Good time to ask,

Simple Answer is YES & you can speak to real people as well.

I have access to loans as low as 3.55% and would love to tell you more and see if you meet the eligibility requirements. I hear you about the hassle - I operate very similar in an online world where all we need to do is have a chat over the phone, I can provide you with the BEST RATE available (WITH A FORMAL QUOTE) & then you can make an informed decision about the best path to follow.




Thanks Craig, can I call you tomorrow

Hi Sam,

As per Craig's answer there are several lenders whose starting rates are under what you have been quoted.

Of course the most important thing is to get the features and benefits you need to get the most out of you loan to reduce the loan term and the interest you pay.

Feel free to call

Awesome Albert

Hi Sam,
There are some great brokers in the Penrith area.
If you don't know anyone Google Peter Beard and speak with him.
He's a top bloke and he can help you.


I googled Peter, couldn't find him!!

Wrong Peter.
Try this one:-
It is actually Stephen Beard.
02 - 47 39 45 00

Hi Sam

Yes you can get lower rates by coming to a Broker and you will get far better service from us as well!

To properly answer your question you would need to speak with a Broker so that they can complete a full Client Needs Analysis with you. We need to look at your total financial position before recommending loan products, lenders or rates.

If you would like me to pop around for a chat then please click on the following link and schedule a date and time for me to come out:- http://www.southwestlendingsolutions.com.au/free-consultation/

Sam Zammit
South West Lending Solutions

Hi Sam,
It all depends on how you present as a customer, the size of the loan and the LVR (Loan to value ratio) as to the best rate we can offer. We represent a panel of lender so we do have rates from as low as 3.55% (3.70%CR) variable but this has a healthy app fee. I have a great lender offering 3.64% (3.69%CR) variable for loans above $250K and LVR less than 80% and they are waiving all fees for refinances as a promo for the moment if that is of any interest to you? I also have a promo at the moment that by meeting with me you go into the draw to win a $10K holiday voucher from Flight Centre. let me know if you would like to arrange a time to meet. Thanks Peita

Hi Sam,

Seems you have plenty of help/offers available from the brokers above. Happy to have a chat if you need anything at all. Call me on 0401586901 at anytime. Also happy to come out to see you if you like :)

Good luck with it all!!


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