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Joe R.
Joe R.
Greenwich, NSW

What's the best rate I can get on a new car lease for $46,000 over 4 years with a 40% RV?

6 years ago


Hi Joe,

Would depend on a few factors such as wether its a commercial or consumer loan, what loan to value ratio it is, property ownership and overall profile.

give me a call on 0410755009 or email tshnoudi@sbfin.com.au and i will be happy to assist further.



6 years ago

Hi Tareq

I'm looking for a lease as the car is for work. I will be getting an $18,000 car allowance and I'm a property owner - borrowing the full amount of the car purchase - does this help, ta

It does. text me your email address i will send you over some info and repayments

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