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Kamal S.
Kamal S.
Werribee, VIC

I am discharge from part 9 on feb 2017 still showing bankruptcy on my credit file what to do ? Can u remove bankruptcy from credit file?

4 years ago

See a law firm that has specialists in the area, like mine (Certus Legal Group) or Graham's who commented above.

Stay away from the credit repair agencies - use law firms only.


Hey Kamal,

Some great news is that - yes you can explore having it removed.

Try the team at Creditfix - Victoria, she can explain what your options are... then, after they have worked their magic you can push ahead with your financing plans securing market leading rates.



Hi Kamal,
A truthful listing on your credit file can’t be removed. I would recommend you call a free financial councillor service to confirm this but don’t pay a credit repair company until you have that clarified
It can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to come off your credit file.
Focus on saving and paying all of your bills on time and you can still qualify for lending for worthwhile purposes with some lenders
Best of luck with it

Hi Kamal,
Unfortunately, you are a little stuck as a Part IX is part IX (9) of the Bankruptcy Act.
The Bankruptcy listing will stay on your credit file for two years after you were discharged, so if you were discharged 09/02/2017, you'll have a clean credit file (subject to nothing else being on there that is bad) on 10/02/2019.

My Law Firm, MyCRA (Specialist Credit Repair) Lawyers is the only Specialist Credit Repair Law Firm in Australia and even though our Lawyers can remove virtually all bad credit defaults, a Bankruptcy is not usually something that can be removed, especially after you've been discharged.

The good news is you still have options to buy a home (yes, even as a discharged Bankrupt) so talk to your broker and set a plan in motion as you are almost there and in just a few more months you should be seeing a clean credit file.

A quick word of warning though, if you have even enquired online, on the phone or in person at a 'PayDay' lender, it is likely that they have run a credit check on you which would have left a lender's enquiry 'footprint'.

If a lender (other than another PayDay lender) was to see that PayDay lender enquiry footprint, you are almost guaranteed to be automatically and instantly declined, even if you never took the money from the PayDay lender.

If you're not sure, speak to your broker or give me a call on 1300 667 218 and I'll have a quick look at your credit rating for you at no cost. At least then you'll be able to make plans for your future based on the facts!

Good luck Kamal, and I mean it, if you want me to have a look, I am happy to, just call my offices and ask Andrea fr the email address to send your credit file in for me. Hopefully, you'll be perfect and ready to go in February next year :-) (and if not, you really want to know your options)

With warm regards
MyCRA Lawyers

Graham Doessel
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 1300 667 218

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