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Patricia B.
Patricia B.
North Rocks, NSW

We put an offer on a property today in Glenwood, in writing to the agent. The agent rang straight away and said the offer wasn’t high enough and we asked if that was the answer from the owner and the agent said he wouldn’t bother the owner. Do we have any rights to make sure the owner gets to see our offer?

last year


Put yourself in the Agents shoes: if your offer is (as he says) too low, and he calls his client the vendor with every lowball offer, then his client the vendor will rapidly get the poos with the time wasting and find another agent who wont call them 20 times a day when he knows full well that the answer is going to be no.
You have to bear in mind that the agent is not working for you. and what you want may not suit the vendor.....its the agents job to be the gatekeeper to a certain degree.....so low offers usually get filed in the bin.
I presume you have done your homework and know values in the area: if your offer is reasonable then perhaps the vendor is living in dreamland, in which case you are wasting your time until reality sets in. Or maybe your offer is a bit low.....and maybe you need to look at your figures??
But maybe the squeaky wheel gets the oil: keep annoying the agent....maybe he will relent and pass on your offer after a number of calls...
good luck

Hi Patricia,

I would have a quick read of this. There's a few points at the bottom of what the agent must do




An agent is required to disclose all offers to the vendor and keep these documented on file during a sales campaign.The exception would be if the vendor has requested that the agent does not bother them about offers under a certain minimum price.

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