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David W.
David W.
Hornsby, NSW

Hello, a mate prompted me to check our home loan rate with ANZ - 4.49%, the loan is $780,000.

If I call them on Monday to ask about the rate what would be a reasonable expectation for them to reduce the rate by?

3 years ago


Hi David,

Depends on what product you have I.e is it a package, fixed/variable etc. I’d be interested to know what they offer.

As a broker I can also assist if you like. Easy to do :)

Don’t hesitate to call me at any time on 0401586901 if you have any questions

Good luck!


If it’s owner occupied and principal and interest it should be under 4% so if you don’t get that, I would suggest you call a broker.
Feel free to call at any time


You should have something at 3.58% as a great starting point.

If your not there your being ripped off!

Everyone’s going to hit you up for it but few will deliver... if your serious about improving your position you should speak to a qualified, accredited broker who can deliver on your time lines.

That’s me.

Keen to help you own your home sooner.



Hi David,

I’m with ANZ paying principal & interest and on 3.79%. That should give you an idea of where they should be dropping it to.

If you are paying interest only then your rate seems about right.

Good luck.

3 years ago

Thanks for the advice and additional motivation. I will let you know how I go

3 years ago

I owe my mate and you guys a beer .... 3.89% they offered. We are very happy, thanks so much


Nice one David. Now best to keep your old, higher interest rate, repayment and pay the loan down sooner with the saving in interest.

That’s awesome David, well done! I would say you’ve knocked about 6 or 7 years off your mortgage right there. Keep the repayments the same and let your savings compound in the loan as well.

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