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Gary L.
Gary L.
Brighton, VIC

I want to buy an investment property to help set up my two kids, 17 and 15.
I know they can’t borrow money and the loan will be in my name but what’s the best way to set this up.
Can they be on the title or will it have to be a private agreement and what are the CGT and stamp duty implications should they end up owning the property over the next 10 – 15 years?

2 years ago


Hi Gary,
Definitely a question for a very good accountant.
My understanding is that you would be looking at a discretionary family trust as the most efficient way of transferring ownership, however the tax and compliance rules and costs can also be significant
I would recommend you get a couple of opinions and map out the costs and benefits over 10/15&20 years
Best of luck with it

Hi Gary,

Everything Scott has mentioned would be my thoughts as well.

If you are needing an Accountants details I can recommend a fantastic, reliable guy who could help you out.

If you would like his details let me know.

Kind regards,

Hi Gary,

Outside of the stamp duty implications, two great options are via trusts (set up one for each kid) or through your estate planning. These generally have no extra problems with stamp duty.

What sort of property would you be looking at? You might be able to get negative gearing, which could be very beneficial in the short term (in your own name).

If you plan on the kids living in these houses in X number of years time and deciding what they want to do with the properties down the track, trust might be better - while not renting from the trust, they can accrue expenses to minimise the capital gains implications.

If the plan is to give them access to a starting house, but keep available for your own longer term investments, use as part of your estate planning (update your will) where the CGT implications will pass to them, when they eventually sell.

Speak to your accountant for specifics on your circumstances. Hopefully some starting points to consider.


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