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Rick B.
Rick B.
Springvale, VIC

I would like to ask if there is a way to keep track of how our super performs including the fees online … like we can with our home loan?

2 years ago


Hi Rick,
It really depends on the fund. I am with HostPlus and I can see everything as often as I want to.
Give your Super a call and ask

2 years ago

What if our super is managed by a financial planner?


Hi Rick,
They will probably charge you according to the amount of information they provide.
I’m guessing you aren’t particularly happy with the returns or the service?

Hi Rick,

You should be able to get online access to your super fund.

It’s not something you’ll need to go through your adviser for, unless you have an SMSF.

All of my clients who aren’t in an SMSF have online access to check balance, performance, fees and a whole lot of other things whenever they want.

I also meet most of them face to face 2 or 3 times a year so what they see online is never a surprise (good or bad surprise).

Start by calling your super fund directly.


Hi There,

If you have your own fund then using a product like class super is an excellent way to keep track of all your investments and movements in the market. Class super is used by the accountant but you can get a login. There are other products the accountant can use like BGL Check with them.

Funds like AMP, if anyone is still there ;), you can login into it and see the fund and the investments aswell.

Anyway go and ask your fund and if you have a SMSF then ask your accountant for access or tram like class then ask them to get one for you.


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