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Kris S.
Kris S.
Hamilton, NSW

I work 20 hours a week in my office job and have my own florist business where I operate from home

I’d like to know what I claim for my own business and working from the home office, thank you?

2 years ago


Hi Kris,
There are a number of deductions you can make for your home office and many are very specific to the way you operate your business and other factors that would need to be discussed.
You could start at the ATO website as they actually spell out the type of deductions and the records that need to be kept to make a claim
If you have an accountant, I would suggest you spend $150 to have a consultation and get yourself set up properly.
Best regards

Hi Kris,

I say pretty much what Scott said!!

I would advise that you be VERY careful with what you claim as a tax deduction for your home, as you might create a capital gains tax headache for yourself without knowing it.

deifinately get advice on what you can and cant do.....as well as what you should and shouldnt do........because just because you can claim something doesnt mean you SHOULD claim it:)


Agree with both comments above - get advice on what deductions are appropriate for your situation, both short and long term. The adverse effects of a bad call now could be significant.


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