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Andrew P.
Andrew P.
Leichhardt, NSW

I have been running my own business for 3 years and have just secured a full-time job.

As my bookkeeper was using MYOB and cloud computing, what happens if I cancel my subscription. Can I still access information and if not what do I need to do before I cancel the subscription, thank you?

4 years ago



I would suggest that you export your data before cancelling your subscription. Try exporting it in various formats / ways that are compatible with various accounting Software packages. Also export a copy in Excell to fall back into.

Hope that help

Hi Andrew,

If using MYOB Essentials, once the subscription is cancelled you'll be locked out of the information. For the cost of maintaining, I'd suggest keeping it going until after the last business tax return is lodged. Make mention to your accountant/tax agent so they can make sure they have appropriate records on file to cover in the event of an audit. If you are loading a majority of your receipts into the cloud, you might need to keep the subscription for up to five years.

If using MYOB with the software on your computer and just using the cloud as the storage location, you should be able to take a backup of the file to your PC which will cover off your obligations.

Good luck back on wages - much less stress!



Hi Todd, I am indeed hopeful it will be less stressful. Thank you for the advice, it's much what I thought as we have been using Essentials.


Hi Andrew,
Congrats on the full-time job.

If you don't mind me asking, can I enquire as to why you went from your own business back to an employed role?

The reason I ask is there may a number of other areas you may need to tidy up, depending on the reason you've made the change, and the circumstances surrounding that reason.

I'm happy to point you in the right direction if we discover any other clean up required.

Thanks Andrew


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