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Beth H.
Beth H.
Ultimo, NSW

I set up my own marketing business 12 months ago and have just won 3 new contracts which will mean putting more staff on. We have one cornerstone client on a 2 year retainer at 15k a month and would like to ask if it is possible to get a 50k business loan to help fund the new staff?

6 years ago


Hi Beth,

It's great to hear you're doing well and growing your new business.

Would you like to get in touch for a chat? I'd like to find out more about yourself and your business to see what solutions might be possible for you.


Dear Beth,

Congratulations on your success,
There are some lenders that would help with a loan like the one you are asking for. They base their assessment on cash flow analysis by looking at your business bank statements.

I am more than happy to help with such loans or find the most suitable solution for you,
Please don't hesitate to call me on
0414 545 643
or 02 9897 9696

Hi Beth,
Congratulations on the growth of your business. You have very exciting and sometimes daunting days ahead.
Whilst you could potentially get a loan to assist your cash flow, I would recommend you speak with your accountant about the projected cash flow and budgets before you do.
Ideally loans should only be used for growth assets of the business - paying interest on wages is not sustainable.
Be sure to consider outsourcing and contractors as a way of limiting your risk in the short term.
I can introduce you to a couple of great employment compliance specialists who could help you to write contracts, agreements and policies to protect you and your business as well.
If you would like to have a discussion please feel free to call at any time on 0435.474.498
Kind regards

GDay Beth,
Scott is a GENIUS!!! Listen to Scott!!!!
If you dont have rock solid figures and budgets then you are courting disaster. Get in from of your accountant, and be brutal on your business figures when you do the budget. If you are unable to sustain the growth, then dont take on all 3 new jobs. Taking on work for the pure joy of additional turnover is no fun. If it isnt going to pay its own way, then I would be VERY wary of proceeding.

remember: cash is king!!! If your cash in doesnt at least match your cash out, debt wont help you, it will simply delay and guarantee the inevitable.

good luck

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