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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. There was a mobile speeding camera that was attached to the car and it was at night time that I went past it at the opposite direction. Now, my question is, because I was going opposite direction, and their was a very island in the middle of the road with big trees that was separating the road, do you think the speeding camera would of caught me if I was speeding (considering there was a long island in the middle of the road with trees in the way)?

3 years ago


My guess is no. I’d say the camera was set up to get people going the other way.

Not that there’s any excuse for speeding though.

if you are talking about the RMS mobile cameras that are set up in the back of a twin cab ute, you may be lucky: they are designed to pick up people travelling in the same direction the ute is facing.

If you are talking about a speed camera on a police car facing towards you as you drive towards it, then you might get a nasty surprise, but only if the police car could identify your car....and it was night....so maybe you managed to dodge a bullet......

and yeah, slow down:)


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