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Joeanne G.
Joeanne G.
Lurnea, NSW

there is a estate in play in which I have a equal share with another 5 people i have asked to be paid out as i do not want any responsilities with this house as there is too many costing issues and if there was anything to go wrong i would not be in a finacial state to help pay for things I dont talk to the other share holders only recently due to the house being in probate in which they want me to sign they have offered 100,000 but my share is 175000 is there anything i can do ?

3 years ago


Hi Joeanne

It is best to obtain quality legal advice to help you through the process.

If you are unsure who to speak to can I introduce the team at Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancing. They have a number of offices reasonably close to you and a great team of solicitors who specialise in family estate, estate planning, and wills.

Here is a link to their profile https://www.simplyaskit.com.au/profile/1286/coutts and their telephone number is 1300 268887

I hope it works out for you, best wishes


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