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C M.
C M.
Wooroolin, QLD

I own a small rural property on the outskirts of a small rural community. The house is the former railway masters cottage for the now defunct railway line. The railway line has been recently transformed into a walking trail. A councilor from the local council contacted me yesterday & said that the council has approved plans for a former railway station to be moved immediately adjacent to my house literally meters away as a tourist attraction. Can I stop them?

3 years ago



Sorry to hear about your predicament. The best advice I could offer is for you to call the South Burnett Regional Council on 07 41899100 and speak to the planning department to establish your legal entitlements. Here’s a link to their website http://www.southburnett.qld.gov.au/

Once you’ve had the discussion and depending on the outcome and how you feel I’d suggest making contact with a local property lawyer.

I hope it works out for you

Best wishes


3 years ago

Thank you Paul. I have spoken direct to council twice now. I have tried finding local legal representation as I believe they are not willing to compromise for a reasonable outcome or the effect this is going to have directly to my home life, privacy, security, peace and quiet etc. Unfortunately no local legal representation will help as it is either a conflict of interest or they are just not willing to go against the local council. Understandable in a small town/community. I endeavour to find someone asap in one of the near by larger towns/cities. Thankyou once again for your help

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