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Michael C.
Michael C.
Cobar, NSW

Hi want to invest in something paying more than nabs term deposits were do I start?

2 years ago


Hi Michael,
The answer will depend on a lot of factors about your financial position and your short and long term goals.
In term deposits you should be getting at least 2.7%
If you have a home loan, you would effectively earn the equivalent amount of your home loan interest rate and it is tax free
If you would like to consider other investments, I would recommend you sit with a financial planner so that you can weigh up more options including shares, managed funds and property to name a few. These all depend on your financial position, your income and your goals.
Best of luck with your investing


Speak to a financial planner - there are a number of options, but a lot depends on your situation and the term for the investments.
Get referrals from friends or other professionals (e.g. your accountant, finance broker) to make sure they are reputable and will look after your needs.

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