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Joe R.
Joe R.
Greenwich, NSW

I am paying 4.60% on my home loan - is that too high and what should I be paying?

5 years ago


Great question. In today's market 4.60% on an owner occupied home loan does seem too high. With the market being so competitive you may well be able to obtain a rate as low as 3.99 - 4.19%. A good idea is to contact your existing lender and see if they are prepared to offer you a better rate. You might be pleasantly surprised, if not, contact a mortgage broker and see if they can help you obtain a better rate and loan that suits you.

Hi Joe,
That is an excellent question. This rate does seem a little high if this is for an owner occupied property. A lot of the lenders are offering clients rates below 4% for these types of loans.
Perhaps try approaching your existing lender to see what they are willing to negotiate for you. If you get no satisfaction from them they try contacting a finance broker. They will be more than happy to get the best rate & product for you.
Hope this helps.

It may be a bit high, with around 4% available, but that depends on the overall details of your situation. It has to be worth the costs involved to change too.

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