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Pati K.
Pati K.
Glenelg, SA

Just started our own business and wondering which accounting solution other business owners prefer to use Xero or MYOB?

3 years ago


Hi Pati,

We use Xero, I have used MYOB in the past both are great but I like how user friendly and straight forward Xero is.

Good luck with you me new business.


Hi Pati,
I'd go for XERO. Myob is better left to the bookkeepers of the world
Good luck.

Xero and MYOB do virtually the same thing, and prices are very similar too. the days of MYOB being incomprehensible to anyone without a masters degree in accounting and technology are gone.
Support is your X-factor. If you have an accountant that prefers Xero, use Xero. Just bear in mind the amount of support provided by Xero is more along the lines of look up their "knowledge base" online and watch their "how to" videos. Which is fine. MYOB has a larger support team, but they will still try to point you towards their online library so you find out your own answers
But if you need actual people to actually show you how to do things, ask your accountant.
for my money, MYOB is the better value for money:)

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