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Shannon T.
Shannon T.
Hillsborough, NSW

My partner gave a car registered in his name to he’s mother, 4 years on she has never paid a toll and we now have people chasing us for the money . 1-can the debt be transferred to her name now it has gone this far 2-will this affect our credit history badly? Please help!

2 years ago


Hi Shannon,

OK you probably need legal advice here and I am not providing that.

I would suspect that the owner is responsible for the debts being your husband. Also from memory you are legally required to transfer the rego within a few weeks after you sell it. So going to the RTA and stating she owns the car may not help you.

I know that sucks but you will have to

1. Pay the fines

2. Transfer the rego

3. Recover the money from his mother either though a court action or a better way.

Sorry ;(


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