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Hi, we’ve had had 3 agents look at our home and must say they’ve been less than impressive as all they wanted to do was talk. Any tips on what searches we can do before we meet another agent?

6 years ago


Hi Chrissy,

Unfortunately, they tell you what you want to hear and try to give you the highest price they can get away with to win the listing. Few of them are realistic. The ones that give you a much higher price than reality are the worst because after couple open days they start to pressure you to bring the price down. Eventually, you lose potential clients that would have looked at your property if it is fairly priced and you end up discounting a lot to sell it.

I would look for a straight shooter that is honest enough to tell you the truth but intelligent enough to market your property properly and have your interest at heart. Honesty is the best trait.

You may want to have a look at properties they have listed and sold and see the difference between the initial listing price and the final price.

I would also ask for vendors that have sold with them (non Auction ones) and see what their feedback is like.

Good luck with everything.

Hi Chrissy,
Happy to provide you with a valuation estimate and area profile report free of charge.
These will give you a good idea of what happening in your area re what is currently for sale as well as recent sales that you can compare with your property.
If you would like to give me a call on 0411216849 I'll make arrangements to get this information to you.
George Nori
Hoe Strategy Group
St Leonards


Hello Chrissy,for what purpose were these agents looking at your home? To sell it or rent it out?

Hi John, we are selling and want to put the property on the market late January, early February - do you have any agents near Lane Cove you'd recommend. Thanks

It’s funny isn’t it, agents get told “don’t go the hard sell, they’ll think you are desperate”. So they try to be your friend and hope to win you over by saying how much they love your house.
Choosing an agent is a difficult and important decision. Maybe try rate my agent and read the reviews? Have any friends or colleagues sold lately?
Best of luck

Hi Chrissy

I thought I'd share a blog I published after consulting a mate of mine who's a real estate in Sydney.

The 5 questions to ask a real estate agent or service to deliver a more positive experience.


I hope it helps, cheers


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