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Anna P.
Anna P.
Narellan, NSW

Looking to build a new home, and want to know if we pay stamp duty only on the land or the total of the house and land package?

7 years ago


Anna, hi. Stamp duty is assessed on the value that transfers to your name. Should you be buying the land only and arranging your own builder, stamp duty is assessed on the land value only.
However, if it is a package as you suggest and you are buying the completed dwelling in a package deal from the developer, then stamp duty will be assessed on the entire amount.
Would be happy to chat if you need advice on any finance options.

Ken Olds
Customers First Mortgages & Insurance
1300 ASK KEN (275 536)

Your solicitor will confirm this for you, however if you have split contracts (that means one contract for the purchase of land and a second "building contract"), then you will only pay SD on the land contract value (assuming this is an arms length transaction).

Hi Anna, one of the attractions to house and land packages is the stamp duty savings because you only pay stamp duty on the land as the house hasn’t yet been built. However it will depend on the actual contract and how it’s executed. It may be calculated on the whole purchase. Check with your conveyancer.

7 years ago

Hi Ken, Stephen and John - thank you for the quick answers, it helps a lot.

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