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Robson S.
Robson S.
Ryde, NSW

Hi, I am in the process of purchasing an investment property. Once purchased my partner and I plan to move into a rental property. We are thinking of signing a legal financial agreement to protect each other's assets before we move in together. What stage is the earliest this can be done? Can it be done before I actually own the property?


7 years ago


Hi Robson,

You should consult an accountant (for asset protection structure advice) & financial planner as well as a lawyer. The best place to start is with your personal wills. This should be updated every time your asset position changes. You can also speak to a lawyer about an additional agreement (somewhat like a pre nuptial agreement). However, there may be some limitations for assets not yet purchased. It’s worth speaking to an accountant about structures before you purchase the property.


Thank you for the answer John, I will chat to my accountant as the first port of call.

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