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Rob A.
Rob A.
Dolls Point, NSW

I am a health professional, have my practice I have house owned and 2 investment properties, the loan on them 3.5 million with ANZ, my house is debt free worth 2 mil, but it is in a cross collateral security with one of my investment property that has a loan of 2.1 mil, I have a business loan of 830 k with ANZ, my repayments for loan investment 13K a month and business loan 4K I guess the loan is fixed for 2 years , I want to build my house knock down and rebuild for 1.2 Bank don’t lend ?

7 years ago


Hi Rob, in this instance you would be best getting specific financial advice relevant to your specific situation and circumstances. I can recommend speaking to a Mortgage specialist who understands loans for health professionals. I’d recommend speaking to Michelle Ivanov at Mortgage Choice Fairfield. She is excellent with policy, lender criteria and health professionals.

Rob. Good evening. The knock down / rebuild situation with ANZ, in itself should not be an issue, provided you are going through a registered builder with fixed price contracts.
I would be happy to discuss the situation with you, with a view to ending with your home loan separated from the investment securities, ie break the cross colateralisation. I would need to understand more on the values of all properties to better advise you on this, but would be more than happy to chat.
Best Regards
Ken Olds
Mortgage Broker
Customers First Mortgages & Insurance
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Hi Rob,
You haven’t mentioned your income or the rental income but I would be confident that there are lenders who would lend to you.
Factors to be addressed will include
1. Servicing existing debt at the assessment rate which is currently 7.65% for ANZ
2. Servicing the new debt at the assessment rate
3. Policy around knock-down rebuilds
4. Policy on owner building
5. Income adjusted minimum living expenses
6. Business debt
7. Existing property valuations
8. Estimated on completion valuation
9. Maximum lender exposure per client

As you can see there are many things to consider and understand before choosing a lender and product to suit your needs. Go and sit with a suitably experienced mortgage broker and you will be able to find a solution


Hi Rob,

How much penalties you have to pay if you pay off the business loan?
If you consolidate your mortgage (present mortgage +construction cost) and business loan then you will save a good amount of money.
Few lenders giving same rate for your owner occupied and investment loan.Moreover business loan in owner occupied rate will save money.
Please call me *** ****.



Hi Rob,

I trust your doing well and you have been able to get to the bottom of this situation with ANZ.

Of course there are a number of comments from my learned peers to digest, some of which I'm sure you have investigated and woudl be interested to know the outcome?

The immediate thought i had when I read this post is - ANZ probably don't want to do this because you may have MAXED out your borrowing capacity with them - Some lenders restrict the amount of money they lend to each client - Many are $2.5m and some go to $3m. This MAY be where you are sitting. (Very common for my clients who are based in Sydney with established portfolios and properties valued in excess of $1m becoming the norm) .

While this scenario cuts across number of professional areas (accounting, planning & lending), I can see a number of options that may be available to you to get the outcome you desire from a lending perspective. The majority of this is in restructuring your facility, establishing the fixed rate period of your loan (and when it is due to expire) also would like to understand your exciting plans for the new property. Sounds amazing!

Perhaps we could have a brief 10 min conversation so we can explore your requirements in more detail - As we can cover more territory over the phone than on line, and i can accurately provide OPTIONS & lenders who COULD do this structure for you. As it is very clear you require a lender who wants to UNDERSTAND what you are wanting to do SO they can HELP you get to where you want to be - Likewise a lender who has a strong appetite to let you borrow above the traditional exposure limits.

If this is still important for you, lets talk.


0481 383 490

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