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C R.
C R.
Sydney South, NSW

How long does it take to register a company for GST in Australia? Does it get registered with the ATO within 24hrs or does one have to wait weeks for it?

Thanks for your help

7 years ago


Hi CR,

Yes, their website plays up on the Weekend,
An accountant can register the company for GST in 5 minutes provided you already have an ABN for it.
If you dont have an ABN, you can register for an ABN, Tax file Number and GST at the same time using abr.gov.au


ANZ bank are advertising that they will set up your business name, ABN, bank accounts and some other bits and pieces within 24 hours.

Hi CR,

Best to use an accountant to ensure there are no delays. If you do it yourself on www.abr.gov.au you need to be sure to enter all details absolutely correctly otherwise it can be automatically referred to a manual decision. It depends on your circumstances and whether it’s an existing company or a new company to be registered.

Setting up ABN and GST and whatnot is pretty straightforward to do yourself online, apart from a few curly questions that the wizard throws at you. I generally tell people that they CAN do it themselves, but the vast majority are happy to pay someone with experience to do it. After all, we do 50-100 GST and ABN applications a year.....so we have seen every curly question going around:)
good luck

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